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April 2018
The Finance Issue

Money talks, but who's listening? Research shows that women tend to have negative associations when it comes to finances, but given women's earning and spending power, companies are working to gain their trust — and dollars. Savvy messaging that bolsters confidence and empowerment has worked for Ally Financial and USAA. And that more corporations seek to eliminate the gender pay gap will end up being a win-win for all.
A Bank That's Banking on Disruption
Ally Financial launched 10 years ago, the first major player in the realm of all-online banking. Today, it's a Fortune 500 company, offering a full range of banking services. Andrea Brimmer, Ally's chief marketing and public relations officer, recently spoke to SheReports about attention-getting marketing and how banks talk to women.
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How To Talk About Money
According to the A+E Networks Women & Money report, women have specific needs surrounding marketing and dialogue about money.
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Need To Know About Money
Our research shows there's a confidence gap between genders and ages when it comes to knowledge about investing and retirement.
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Feeling Bad About Money
Women and men have very different emotional associations with money. Can you guess the where both genders stand with regard to financial status and financial topics? Our original research shines a light.
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Providing Tools and Advice to Build Trust
USAA Chief Marketing Officer Wes Laird recently spoke to SheReports about how his bank services its unique community and the choice it’s made to “turn the volume up” on how it portrays women in its marketing.
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Starbucks Ends Their Pay Gap
Starbucks Coffee announced last month that it has successfully reached pay parity between genders and races among employees in similar roles.
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Getting Funded by Doing Good
Something interesting happens when female founders seeking funding emphasize social impact. There's a difference when men do the same.
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#SheDidThat: Frances Perkins
She became the first woman member of a U.S. presidential cabinet, serving as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's secretary of labor.
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